NanoTherm Research Group

  • Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)

    Bruker Multimedia 8 SPM: performs contact and non-contact atomic force, lateral force, magnetic force and electric force microscopy, tapping mode in fluid and air environments, and PeakForec QNM.

  • Scanning Probe Microscopy
  • Solar Simulator Class AAA

    With a concentarting lens and irradiation power up to 50 Suns

  • Solar Simulator

  • High-Speed Camera

    Phantom V711 with 1.4 million fps capturing rate

  • High-speed Camera

  • Confocal Microscope

    Nikon Confocal Microscope- Eclipse Ti-s

  • Optical Microscope

  • Optical Microscope

    Nikon in both transmission and reflection modes

  • Optical Microscope

  • High Power Plasma Cleaner

    Harrick Plasma

  • Plasma Cleaner

  • Vacuum Oven

    25 L-250 oC

  • Vacuum Oven

  • Laser Cutter

    CO2 Laser Cutter- 30 W

  • LaserCutter