NanoTherm Research Group

MECE 2334 Thermodynamics

Thermo-fluid systems are among the most complicated systems engineers encounter in the practice of the profession, in a large part due to the coupling that exists between the thermal and mechanical aspects of system behavior. The analysis of these systems requires knowledge on three subjects namely Thermodynamiocs, Fluid mechanics and heat transfer. In thermodynamics course, studnets learn the governing laws of energy and entropy transfer and the ways that these transports manifest themselves in the system behavior. The objectives of MECE 2334 are as follow:
  1. To develop the fundamental principles and laws of thermodynamics and explore these principles in the system behavior
  2. To formulate the models necessary to study, analyze and design the thermo-fluid systems through the application of these principles
  3. To develop problem-solving skill essential to good engineering practice in the thermo-fluid system field
  4. To develop an understanding of sound engineering design of thermo-fluid systems

MECE 7397 Capillarity and Wetting Phenomena

As the size of instruments and structures are demandingly shifted toward micro- nano scales, the role of interfaces become paramount. That is, physical principles governing the operation of these instruments should be modified to include interface roles. In this course, we develop a theoretical framework to study the characteristics of interfaces and their contribution to the small-scale systems. The theory will be accompanied by classroom demonstrations.

MECE 6333 Conduction and Radiation

Heat transfer studies the physical processes occurring in temperature-driven transport of energy or entropy in the system or between the system and the environment. In this course, we study advanced fundamental aspects of conduction and radiation. In the first part of the course, solution of heat equation in one and multi dimensional geometries exposed to a range of boundary conditions are covered. We analyze exact and approximate solutions of the heat equation. In the second part of the course, we study fundamentals of radiative heat transfer among surfaces and in enclosures. The radiative properties of surfaces and multi-mode heat transfer are discussed.