NanoTherm Research Group


Learning and research in the field of thermodynamics, heat transfer, aned nanotechnology has been a journey that has fulfilled our ambitions and continue to do so. We conduct research that will intersect multidisciplinary fields for energy applications. The immediate need for solving energy problems is highlighted by rapid growth of global population, escalation of environmental issues, and increased competition for dwindling resources.
We aim to bring about transformational knowledge for efficient harvesting of energy by fundamentally manipulating heat-fluid-surface interaction in multiple length and time scales. Our research involves mathematical modeling, simulation and experimentation in thermo-fluid system. As broad impact range of these systems, we have a strong emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration with physicists, material scientists, and chemists.


Hadi Ghasemi is among the semi-finalists for NASA ITech competition. The proposed idea is recognized by NASA to be a compelling technology to solve problmes here on Earth and as humans leave earth. NASA ITech.

Congratulations to Peyman! His work on remote droplet manipulation is accepted in Advanced Materials Interfaces.

Congratulations to Abdullah! He received the competetive SURF award. Looking forward to hear his other success stories.

Congratulations to Peyman! He received the second best poster award in MRS UH-Chapter Symposium. The event is hilighted in UH Enginnering News.

Our work on icephobic surafecs is highlighted in UH Unct.

Congratulations to Nazanin!. Her work on suppresion of Leidenfrost Phenomenon is published in Langmuir. Her work is highlighted in UH Enginnering News.

Patnet on Electrochemical systems and methods for harvesting heat energy is publically released. United states 9559388.

Dr. Ghasemi received Larry Witte Fellowship. We are grateful for this honor.